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Whether you seek to add some power or need maintenance, your transmission is in good hands. We understand the makeup of your vehicle and the necessity for it to perform. Your vehicle safety is our priority. Let our facility provide you with a check engine diagnostics. Our specialty in electronic engine management identifies the problem quickly and economically. We offer a FREE Consultation on all makes and models



Our expertise

TRANSTAR offers complete automatic and manual transmission rebuild services by highly trained and certified transmission technicians for both foreign and domestic automobiles

From fluid changes to complete rebuilds, trust the professionals.
When it comes to your car or truck, you can’t put a price on quality work by ASE certified mechanics who’ve served the area from the same location since 1977. But if you could put a price on it, it wouldn’t be as affordable as our prices.

Your transmission is just as important as your engine, if not more so. 
Slipping gears in your transmission can lead to damaged engines, taking your sluggish car to an immobile one fast. Have an ASE certified mechanic with decades of experience look at your transmission with a free checkup before the problems spread.


Get to know Transtar Transmission:

Transmission Repairs – Overhauls and replacements to get you back on the road
Transmission Service and Maintenance – Flushes, tune-ups, and more to keep your car running smoothly


If your car won’t run, how are you supposed to take it to the shop?
Whether your car’s become a glorified paperweight or you just don’t want to risk any further damage, there’s no need to worry. Local towing is free with any major transmission repairs or overhauls,


Know the symptoms of your transmission troubles, but not the cause?
Call Transtar Transmissions at 281-342-8772 with any questions, or to schedule your free transmission electronic checkup and consultation. Let us take care of your transmisson problems and leave the worries on us.